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Art Deco Style Interior Design

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Art deco style interior design was developed after the War World I, centralizing on a style that is glamorous and elegant. It encompasses the traits of being modern and sleek yet minimalist, as such, the colors used are sparing, mostly using neutral palette like black white, gold and silver. The most distinctive characteristic of art deco style is the use of geometrical furniture and decorations as well as Symmetrical wallpapers.

As shown in the picture above, just a featured wall with symmetric pattern can be used as a contrast against the other solid walls. Parquet wooden floors with a polished finishing are often overlaid with large rugs in a symmetrical pattern to pull the designs together with a flare of a little something. Surfaces and furniture on the other hand, are usually made out of wood, stainless steel or leather to give off a sleek and clean feel that are lacking in textures so as to create a contrast against the heavily detailed surroundings.

Adding on, the furniture are slightly larger in scale to enhance its glamorous appearance. The lights are usually made of glass and chrome either white, tiffany colored or frosted, and are extensively placed from ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, table lamps to floor lamps.

Overall, art deco style interiors intentionally uses over decorative [Jet functional and modern decorations to create a bold setting in the interiors.