Think of us as your dedicated design and build team. We’ll listen. We’re hard hatted, not hard headed.

There's no "I" in Uno. We're a team.
Jeselyn and Sianying both enjoying a book that is not Twilight.

“Artisan” is an oft-used, but rarely lived-up to word. We value craftsmanship, and attention to details. We will not stop for our artisanal coffee until we’ve delivered above and beyond your expectations. That, is an artisan’s promise.

With our own in-house carpenters, we provide you with a level of customisation and attention to detail that makes your project uniquely yours, like a tailor-made suit.

Sam & Matthew. Dress code: Suave.

Our studio is headed by two extremely talented, humorous and handsome lads (or so we’ve been told), with an obsessively dedicated, well-dressed (our opinion) support team.

Saying we’re attached to our jobs is an understatement. When you engage us, you immediately make new friends who want nothing more than to see your dream spaces come true.

Sam, making moving plastic Pallets look extremely cool.

Sam, Founder, Chief Designer

With an extensive background in fashion and even more years spent in the gym, you can be sure that Sam knows what looks good. Sam is our resident tastemaker, and is always ready to flex his design muscle for anyone who walks through our studio doors.

Matthew and his signature come-hither-and-let-me-design-your-house eyes.

Matthew, Designer

A designer by training, Matthew used to specialise in marketing iconic collectible cars. So it should come as no surprise that he has taste.

When he’s not bending the laws of time to accommodate all our clients, he’s probably bending a knee at the squat rack or bench-pressing at the gym (we shan’t reveal figures).

He’s your contact point.

Jeselyn, looking out the window for inspiration.

Jeselyn, Draftsman

Having a good eye is Jeselyn’s “thing”, and interior design is her first love. Her attention to detail and beauty can be seen in her uncanny ability to make any outfit hers, and translates into interiors that transcend trend, and enter timelessness.

Sianying, getting inspired. What is outside that window?

Sianying, Designer

Sianying started out in the culinary arts – with emphasis on arts, which means she understands that food needs to look as good as it tastes, if not better. She also has a black belt in retail fashion, but is no novice at interior design. Don’t expect her to pull any punches when it comes to realising your dream project.

They may be looking in separate directions, but their vision is unified.

For all design and project enquiries,
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