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Scandinavian Style Interior Design

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Scandinavian Style is renowned for its simplicity and utility, its pared backed style that is often centered on warm functionality and clean lines. White colours and light neutrals from flooring to celling are often used to light up the visual senses and help create an open feel. By choosing darker neutrals like grey and blue for furniture and textile, it gives a contrast against the surroundings. Scandinavian designs embrace the use of natural material, which can be seen on the extensive use of wood found on its flooring, walls and accessories.

Brightly coloured home ware, rugs, cushions and wall art can be used to spruce up the interior as shown in the picture above. Another key concept of Scandinavian designs is the minimal use of lighting, which in turn lets in the natural lights and keep window decorations to the minimum. These details create the ideal interior for Scandinavian style, focusing its beauty and understated elegance.