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Retro Style Interior Design

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Retro, the term itself is used to describe any theme that are influenced by the trend and style of the past, but with a modern twist. As such, just about any decade could be considered “Retro” with its mix of old style with new forms. With so much to choose from, what is included ultimately will be our own interpretation of the past, which is unique and individual.

However for most retro interiors, there is a vibrant mix of colour palette from pink, blue, orange and green to neutrals of white and black. Decorations and materials differs for each individual era; For the 60s, plastics are commonly used. Furniture and lightings includes ball chairs, lava lamps and neon lightings, with every item trying to be the focal point of the room.

In short, avant-garde style usually has a fun and lively feel in it, as it encompasses the use of bright colours and a bold approach. Laid back or causal would not be words that one uses to describe retro style, on the contrary it is loud, busy and funky.