Tailored to the needs of young couple

With a layout that is relatively compact,
this home is designed with a good measure of smart living space arrangement,
a dash of warm and lively colors, topped with luxurious yet practical materials.
In the main living, a special decorative coating that allows the realization of natural concrete stone effect is used as a backdrop featured wall.

The luxurious texture creates huge personality to the space and highlighted the contrast against the minimalist furnishing.

And our all-time-favorite of the space, a high-dinning-bar build by the window. Imagine the alluring romantic ambiance dinning on the 15th floor with an unblocked view !

Moving to the master bedroom, We get a real sense that there really are no rules when it comes to design! Our clever design team did away with the cramped room layout and recast it into an open spectacular bedroom with walk-in closet, a spacious study area and a gaming corner. Nothing about the space seems to indicate its actual size at all.