Four Is Company

seamless combination of shoe cabinet, praying altar, storage and TV console to lengthen the space
uniquely-shaped glass study room for a open concept
a customised chalkboard conceals the bomb shelter entrance
A wardrobe that doubles up as a privacy screen

Home to four, space was this project’s main concern.

We kept the bedrooms discreet, subtracting instead of adding with double sided wardrobes that doubled storage and doubled as partitions; then concealed the bomb shelter door with a functional chalk board.

dual sided wardrobes maximises storage and keeps the layout clean

A specially handpicked veneer contrasts strikingly with black details, suiting the two owners’ differing tastes of Industrial and Scandinavian. To add an office without sacrificing a room, we created a glass office that in the living room, using glass panels to keep everything bright and spacious.

clean lines in a bright bathroom
service yard hacked and glassed to lengthen and brighten a narrow kitchen